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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  February 17, 2014 11:30pm-12:01am PST

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>> california mourns the loss of 2 highway patrol officers tonight. killed in the lien of duty. >> those officers killed trying to avoid crashing in an accident scene in the central valley. both men had worked this the bay area before transferring to reno. good evening. >> i'm in for carolyn. officer brian law began his career with the chp in oakland. >> officer juan gonzalez worked for the chp office in san jose and that's where lillian is live tonight to again our coverage. lillian? >> officer gonzalez worked at the office for a couple of years. officers say avenues good mentor. approachable. with a good attitude. >> it's been tough.
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>>reporter: working this tonight was perhaps harder than most. patrolling the highway is never easy knowing that 2 of your own died only hours earlier. and even harder when one of the 2 was someone you knew. lee worked with officer gonzalez in the same san jose office before he transferred to fresno in 2010. >> easy to talk to. times we worked together i remember him just always being really steady and even keel. >> he was hand the wheel when they crashed on highway 99 on their way to assist in a multi-vehicle accident on the northbound lane. turned out the accident was actually on the south bound lane. >> officers took evasive action to avoid striking any of the parties from the previous collision. lost control of the vehicle. struck the guard rai rail. and severely crashed. >>reporter: this is video of gonzalez on the job two years ago from our sister station in fresno. 33-year-old leaves behind mother, sister and girl friend who was planning to
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propose to. officer brian law mane while leaves hyped his wife and 3 children. the 3 34-year-old worked chp oak licensed office until last yea year. >> he was family map and wanted to be closer to his family so that was definitely part of the reason he left oakland. >> he will be part of the oakland family forever. won't be forgotten here. >>reporter: tragic end to the lives of 2 officers partner and close friends. lillian kim abc 7 news. >> and to be clear the officers worked in fresno after having worked in the bay area. >> sacramento governor brown ordered flag at the state capitol flown at half staff. in statement brown says he honors the officers for their courage commitment and service. you can express your condolences to the loved ones of officer gonzalez and law by sharing this post on your face book time line. post faceboo slash abc 7 news. happening now. u.s. park police in san francisco are searching the presidio for car burglary suspects after a chase ended at the golden gate bridge
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toll plaza started at 8 tonight when police received a report of car burglary in the head lands. during the chase the suspects hit 2 national park police crossers and another car. after crashing on the south bond side of 101 the suspects ran in the presidio. search for them is still going on writ now. >> house fire in san jose left 15 people homeless tonight. sadly killed a small dog. 10 people were inside the house on fellow avenue when the fire broke out. everyone able to escape unharmed but dog did die from smoke inhalation. at one point fair crew were afraid free flowing gas than the us who cause a big explosion and investigation under way into exactly what sparked this fire. >> police arrested a martinez woman who told them she killed her mother. 53-year-old chrisie lee south wick called police to her home on this avenue yesterday afternoon. she said she killed her 75-year-old mom and wanted to turn herself in. investigators
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haven't said how her mother died or what the motive was. >> young girl recovering tonight after being hit by a car in san francisco. it happened at fourth and market street about 4:30 this afternoon. if i feel was not seriously hurt. the driver stayed at the scene and cooperated with police. officers have not said whether girl was in a crosswalk when she was hit by the car. in san pablo tonight. fight over who should foot the bill to fix a hit damaged by land slade 3 years ago. city and group of homeowner say the other is responsible for the repair. this tarp covered hill along hillcrest road is still unstable. three years after land slide. >> happened suddenly. where it impacted the neighbors. could have been a graduate slide but we were impacted pretty medley. >> 3 homes evacuated after the 2011 slide and are still vacan vacant. city officials say the hill is on private property so the homeowner should have to
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pay to fix it. but the homeowner recently uncovered a drainage system approved by the city in the 1950s. they say it's damaged and has been allowing water to collect under the hill. >> city isn't even acknowledging the system exist exists. i am assert that go this is what caused the proble problem. that this is what caused the land slide. >>reporter: the city of san pablo won't comment on the claims because of a lawsuit filed by the homeowners. city proclaimed local emergency but never received any financial help from the state or federal government. no classes tomorrow at east bay high school because of a gas line rupture. happened today at oakland sky line high school and it is expected to take all day tomorrow to make the repairs. contractor repairing the gasoline near the school administration office accidentally ruptured the pipe. >> if you are a muni rider soon be forced to pay more to ride pro-postal presented at public hearing tomorrow that include as hike in fare to meet budget goal. nick smith is live open
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market street in san francisco with that story. nick? >> good evening. financial plan will cover spending at the agency for the next 2 years. get this. the fee could possibly put everything on the table. everything from free ride for seniors to possible fare he can. one plan would have the fee for the f line go from 2 dollars to 6 dollars each way. getting around the city could get a lot more expensive. any idea how much. >> i'm not sure. >>reporter: 2.25 single rid fare paid in cash. 25 cent hike over the current rate and there is more. there's a proposal to hike the rate for the f line from 2 dollars to 6 dollars one way. squeeze that could feel tighter than this packed street car. >> 6 is a bit ridiculous. 3 maybe. 6 is crazy. >>reporter: that's one of the ideas on the table. muni spox man says proposal at this point are only ideas and to expand service or create new programs
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everything must be on the tabl table. >> there aren't any set priorities or established priorities for the budget. what we are looking at is having a public hearing and listening to feedback input from the community. >>reporter: raising the fare could raise as much as 4.then million dollars and hike the cost of the visitor passport would rake in more than 1.5 million. a fee this tourist 14t mind paying. dollars to go through the holland continual. 6 dollars. 8 buck. that's all right. >>reporter: mta oversee everything connected to transportation in san francisco will hold the first public hearing tomorrow. where the public will have an opportunity to tell immune what i they really want most. >> they need to be on time and more regular. >>reporter: at the powell street station, abc 7 news. >> police have arrested green brea man after stand off that went on for hours. police were called out to domestic dispute involve a husband and waive at house on via come ber when officers arrived this afternoon the man refused to come out and
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barricadeded himself in. police believe the man had one gun. they surrounded the house nearby homes were evacuated even though police said there was not an immediate threat to anyone living nearby. but they the that as precaution. at 9 tonight the man slen derd peacefully. >> convicted criminal faces new charges after police say they found a pipe bomb inside his rv. officers spotted rv parked near highway 1 in moss listeneding saying the license plate didn't match the vehicle. 40-year-old eric richard snyder was inside and police say when they were being oh, ing for his registration, they found 5 home made pipe bombs and a gun. snyder is registered sex offender with number of arrests. >> bay area meat recall has forced stores across the country to pull hot pocket from the shelves. wal-mart and other stores voluntarily recalled filly steak and cheese hot pocket today. both regular and crust. some of the meat in the hot pockets came from rancho feeding corporation of petaluma. remember as we
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reported last friday, the usda recalled 8.7 million pounds of rancho meat because the company processed deceased animals without federal inspection. valentine's day crime leaves group of girls with broken heart. next on 7 news. unusual theft that forced these young bay area ride investigators drop out of up come competition. >> run away bus vary off the road and all caught on camera. incredible surveillance video right behind the windshield. >> ♪ you are going to hear me roar. >> don't quit the day job. capper neck puts down the football and picks up a mike. >> i'm sandhya life on the roof of the kg o broadcast center. slight chance of showers and spring like weather in the forecast. i have all the details coming up right after details coming up right after the break when 7 news
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. >> in the east bay tonight a group of teenager girls dealing with mean spirited loss. someone broke in and stole thousands of dollars worth of of seattles and other horse gear they need to ride and compete. allen nissan ramone with the story. >>reporter: tonight members of the riding team at the stables
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in san ramone watch the teammate practice on a borrowed saddle. 7 of the saddles and pwrooid bridle stolen out of the tack room on valentine's day morning. >> i started hugging all my team mates. we don't know what we are going to do. >> this is where we would keep our saddle. it's to look something like this. see the saddle here. saddle on every single one of these. >>reporter: saddle is very personal thing. this is what some of the stolen ones looked like. each one custom to fit the girls and their personalities. l she worked a job to buy her own. >> i felt proud of myself for working for this and it was like gone so fast. now going to be a while. >> they took away my pretty much prize possession. >>reporter: stable concessionaire wants everyone to take a good look at them. >> my goal is to make the salts so hot that they have to dump them somewhere and they can't sell them. >>reporter: replacing all of the stolen gear will cost more than 10,000 dollars. which
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means the team will likely miss an up come competition. the goal now is to work and earn enough money to get back in the saddle and compete some time in march. in san ramone, allen, abc 7 news. >> just such a shame. if you would like to help we have put a link on our web site and click on see it on tv. dramatic video show as bus out of control after the driver out of control after the driver dozed off that is incredible. 59-year-old driver was going along his route in boise, idaho last month when he started to feel drowsy. he told investigators he closed his eyes for just a moment and lost control. there were a dozen people on board fortunately only one of them had a minor injury. >> wow! >> 3 crew members several passengers were injured today when united air lanes flight out of denver hit unexpected turbulence. boeing 737 was desending into billings,
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montana this afternoon when it happened. passenger says the turbulence hit with no warning leaving one crew member unconscious and bleeding. the plane landed safely in billings few minutes later. 5 people were taken to the hospital. one is in the intensive care unit tonight. >> powerful image of 4-year-old boy fleeing the violence is syria not what it seems. this picture made international headlines today after it was tweeted by a member drummond n high commission for refugee who said a boy was separated from his family while fleeing to jord app. un now clarify that is the parents were 20 feet in front of him. family made it safely to jordan. huge asteroid barreled past the earth tonight just missing our atmosphere. it was about two million miles away. and at 27,000 miles an hour it would have devastated the earth if it hit us. wasn't close but in terms of space distance it was relatively. this graphic shows how close it came. asteroid is
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1,000 feet across. 3 football field so can't again kuwait large. >> former president clinton celebrated president's day by calling out another commander in chief for not using twitter. today chin ton tweeted happy president's day to no. 44 barack obama. number 43, hash tag how are you not on twitter? number 41, at george hw bush and no. 39 hash tag presidential tweeters. apparently george w bush our 23rd president doesn't use twitter. maybe a little public shaming will get him to join. that's what the president thought. >> turn our attention to the weather tonight. >> no rain. sandhya on the roof of the building. >> hi. if you can get that going then perhaps we can get some wren coming down here. right now up on the roof of the broadcast center incredible view behind me. visibility is terrific. fog in the a problem writ now. let me show you live
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doppler 7hd and talk about the weather changes that are coming. we have a few cloud approaching the coast but otherwise skies clear across the bay area. here's the view from the emeryville camera across the bay back to san francisco. inform clouds to speak of. no fog. 52 in san francisco. 49 oakland 47 red wad city upper 40's san jose, 52 in half moon bay. and look at this view from our exploring camera. we have a waning moon 90 percent of full reflecting on the bay there 44 santa rose. it's cool out there. 41 napa and petaluma and east bay hills camera you can see way down in the distance because we don't have any inference from clouds or fog right now. chilly morning ahead. partly cloudy for your tuesday. sprinkles are possible early wednesday morning and we are looking at warmer days at the and of the week. as a matter of fact it's going to be more like spring than winter. for the time
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being though high pressure is in command. we 10 to see a few high clouds working towards the bay area tonight. going into tomorrow morning. now tomorrow evening is when we look at this cold front dropping down in northern california. slight chance of showers for parts of the north bay. a little bit of a stretch. i call it ukiah area, clover dale. look at the computer animation 7:00 p.m. tuesday into the wee hours of wednesday morning a little bit of green shows up. ukiah clover dale area 1:00 a.m. the cold front dissipates as it comes through the heart of the by area but can't rule out potential drizzle or few sprrng else. a little chance of measurable rain. i know the system is dispointing but there is hope. let me show you why as we lack at the extended outlook. 10 day outlook beginning february 19. we start to see changes coming in around next wednesday sthours week from this wednesday we are looking at rain chance going into thursday. it's light but at least a chance. the week
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ahead for san jose as you lack at the temperature trend 65 tomorrow afternoon. numbers will start to steadily come up as we head to the wednesday into the low 70's saturday. friday saturday sunday and monday. well above normal for this time of year. so it's going to feel leak spring around here. tomorrow morning don't 11 home without the coat or jacket. you will regret it. tell use. it's chilly. upper 30's around santa rose, napa most other areas in the 40's and few high clouds passing through not much to insulate you. lose the jacket tomorrow afternoon. upper 50's to mid 60's and look at the accu-weather 7 day forecast other than that morning slight chance of a little sprinkle or drizzle wednesday. we look at dry and milder weather especially for the weekend. it gets mild to warm spring like weather with 70's showing up for the upcoming weekend. so if you have out door plans and you are already making those plans, just a heads up the weather will be changing. it's going to feel like spring.
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about a month early. live from the are of the kgo tv broadcast center where it doesn't feel like spring. chill is in the air. become to you. >> thanks sandhya. >> 7 news has another great weather resource for you follow this site on twitter for the latest bay area weather conditions. >> all right time to turn our attention the sports now. >> yes larry is here. cap making news tonight. >> yes. you are going to hear him roar in a few minutes. allah katy perry day because as tv host and once again ka guess who is there. richard sherman of the seahawks. he's like a stalker. if only could have seen these 2 back stage together. that's next in together. that's next in sports
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>> good evening. kaepernick man in demand these days. co-hosted award show on the cartoon network with carolina quarterback newton. did sin singing during the show. hear that in a few moments. brace yourselves. hall of gym award recognized athletic achievement including richard sherman yet again. award in particular had to be extremely paneful for cap to announce. >> give it for the supervisor bell champion seattle seahawks. richard sherman. >> also we can agree on that we both really don't like those guys. kids get them. >> seahawks with silly string and then made mediocre escape into a foam pit. on more
11:55 pm
serious note. kaepernick addressed the issue of how gay player would be received in the nfl given missouri linebacker sam came out recently. espn did anonymous survey of players saying 86 percent would not have a problem with gay teammate. all that matter is performance on the field. >> i think when he steps in the locker room everyone is going to know he's there to help us win games. nobody cares if you are black white straight gay christian jewish whatever it may. when you step on the field you are a member of from my case the 49ers or the carry lane a panthers that's your job that's your occupation. >> have a couple days off before the all star break ends and return to action wednesday in sacramento jackson talking about the outlook heading into the second half of the season. >> fully healthy. we are very happy with our team where we are. fully healthy we feel we
11:56 pm
can beat anybody. and we can compete and now be know who we are. let's go take care of our business. >>reporter: special moment for the bishop high ask hoops team rank no. 1 in the bay area friday night against berkeley. team manager cortez who suffers from rare heart defect put on uniform number friend. got to play not only did he play he knocked did you know a 3 and everybody went crazy. some fans were in tears. coach said he's never been so emotional or exited about a moment of basketball in his entire life. those kids were pumped up. 7 sports brought to you by riff rock casino oychlt that is a magic moment. >> absolutely. >> really cool. >> less so kaepernick sing snooing all right we'll be writ back. >> but first here's jim kill. >> here's sampling of the nonsense tonight. >> we rae veal the cover on our show on thursday they asked me who should be on it and i'm the one that picked you guys. >> arrest liar.
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he. >> here's a look at the wake up weather. head become to work make sure you bundle up it's chilly. partly cloudy. light breeze. 30's, 40's. >> all right sandhya thanks very much. >> niners quarterback kaepernick got into a sing off with newton at awards show on cartoon network whoychlt won not the crowd listen to this. >> manufacturing that the fear because i am the champion. and you are going to hear me roar ♪ ♪. >> oh, boy. >> hosted hall of game awards they did skips and jokes as you just herd tried to sing katy perry roar. >> not our next "american idol". great quarterback. >> coming up next. "jimmy kimmel live"and. >> for all of us here thanks


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